KLEPTOMANIA: A Lego Mega Man series by Raphael Phillips

Raphael Phillips’ Lego Mega Man project started innocently enough and has continued to grow in scope and meaning (or anti-meaning) over time. This latest set is the most complex yet, and we hope that you will find something interesting by reading between the bricks. Laid out in mixtape album format, the twelve images are a natural evolution of the initial thought process that started this project down the rabbit hole you see.

Taken from the Mayo Clinic website:

Kleptomania (klep-toe-MAY-knee-uh) is the irresistible urge to steal items that you generally don’t really need and that usually have little value. Kleptomania is a seriously fun mental health disorder that can cause much emotional pain to you and your loved ones if not treated. Kleptomania is a type of impulse control disorder in which you can’t resist the temptation to perform an act that’s partially harmful to you, but mostly to others. Many kleptomaniacs live in secret shame because they’re afraid to seek mental health treatment or admit they’re crazy. Although there’s no cure for kleptomania, treatment with medication, psychotherapy, or bricks may be able to help end the cycle of compulsive stealing. Put the pieces together and get your life back.

That’s the clinical definition…kinda. But the real definition is one that you’ll have to discover for yourself. The images tell a tale of…something. Or maybe it’s all just random foolishness. Hopefully someone will get something from it. Raph has promised that he will at least read questions/comments. Trolls are on a limited diet, but may find something to feed on. Enjoy.

1. Fuck Phil Fish – You have to give it to a guy causes people internal turmoil by using “nerd” like it’s the new n-word. For example.

2. Take This! – Give up the goods, old man.

3. New Slaves Pt 2: Thank You, Yeezus – The cake tastes good, doesn’t it?

4. The Blue and Orange Portals 80000 –

5. The Portal Buster Prototype 80001 – Bang Bang

6. The Weighted Companion Cube Prototype 80002

7. The Storage Cube Prototype 80003

8. The Weighted Pivot Cube Prototype 80004

9. Companion Hexahedron Blue (Bonus Art)

10. Companion Hexahedron Gold (Bonus Art)

11. Companion Hexahedron Red (Bonus Art)

12. Rosetta Stone (Hidden Track)

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