Podcast 32 – Nerdcore Nights: Random aka Megaran

This is the second of our Nerdcore Nights podcasts. Here we have Random aka Megaran talks with us for a bit about his life, his music, and how nerdcore can grow. Learn from the former teacher how to do your thing without losing yourself. Also, the rhyming token, Roadblock, from G.I. Joe comes up in the discussion, somehow.

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Resident Evil Launch Party

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Mr Benja.

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2 Responses to “Podcast 32 – Nerdcore Nights: Random aka Megaran”

  • The Flipsider says:

    Great podcast. Random’s story coming up, his background, and his decision to go for his passion is very inspiring. Random sounds like genuinely good peoples so it’s always great to hear when success finds those that deserve it and worked hard for it. I have to confess that I am inspired hearing his story about giving back as much as learning how much he keeps on his grind. 2012′s best podcast for sure. Thanks Random for sharing and thanks Mr Benja and Cellus for bringing it to us.

  • Anonymous says:

    Damn, this podcast went in. Nothing wrong with getting all deep and shit every now and again

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