Podcast 31 – Nerdcore Nights Intro

A few times over the years, we’ve interacted with the nerdcore community, but we never had a chance to do a proper broadcast, so Marcellus and I went down to the Ruby Room in San Diego to record a remote podcast. It was so fun, that we did two more afterwards. (The others will feature Megaran and Kirby’s Dream Band.) At some point (17 minutes in), Aubree of Tiny Nightmare Productions shows up. She gives us the lowdown on nerdcore history, her history in Southern California, and then we proceed give each other a hard time.

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Dr Awkward
El Gun Legro
Childish Gambino
MC Frontalot
Random aka Megaran (link to Forever Famicom Album w/ Galaxies)
DJ Cutman
Dez Thrill
The Broken Pixels
Eminem (Slim Shady) – Hellhound

Mr Benja.

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4 Responses to “Podcast 31 – Nerdcore Nights Intro”

  • MC Ohm-I says:

    Ok. So there’s a lot of stuff wrong here. Firstly, nerdcore is not exclusively video game related. It is considered a subgenre simply because it fall across different genres (as you noted at the beginning).

    It is also not a fad. A lot of people aren’t aware of how many nerdcore artists actually exists. But I guarantee the list is pretty damn long. But unless you are aware of the scene then you’d probably never hear of them (just like any other indie scene). But it doesn’t mean they’re not good. It just means that they aren’t being recognized.

    Saying “I don’t like a song because the beat is not good” is retarded. To say “no one is doing really good nerdcore consistently” is also a false statement. Seriously…get to know who the artists even are before saying they are not good. Same goes for saying “Nerdcore is full of shit”. Marcellus did not even know who Frontalot is so pretty much everything he says goes out the window and loses credibility (not that everyone needs to listen to Front but at least know who he is).

    As far as “waving the flag”, that’s also irrelevant until (once again) you actually know who the artists are and how much popularity a lot of them have within the scene.

    The whole beginning of the podcast (before Aubree showed) just seemed like one big “shit on nerdcore”. If you aren’t a fan of the genre, why even go?

  • Big Cellus says:

    When I listen to rap, the beat is the first thing that grabs me followed by the content of the lyrics. If the beat hurts my ears then the lyrics are pointless, there’s nothing for them to flow with and might as well be delivered acapella. The few Frontalot tracks I’ve listened to had some groovy beats which made his lyrics instantly palatable, put his words over sounds as grating as Ranchera music and you have a problem.

    Possessing popularity within your scene is fine if that’s the only people you make your music for. If that’s the case, then your scene will be a fad. It also doesn’t matter how many people are in your genre, there are going to be bad artists regardless, even if I haven’t heard them yet.

  • d'Artagnan says:

    so far nerdcore as a whole, while having certain really dope individuals, seems like it’s trying to hard to be ‘something’….it’s kinda weird

  • The Flipsider says:

    my thoughts are that i personally do not think Mr Benja and ‘Cellus bashed on Nerdcore *but* i can see how others would disagree and say that bashing did occur but like anything else, opinions will always be a matter of perspective and which side of the fence one finds themselves… another thing that has to be taken into consideration is something Mr Benja mentioned in this very podcast after Aubrey joined in…. and thats how us 8-Bit Cubist guys have a definite familiarity among each other that what can easily be mistaken for “talking sh*t” is more often than not just a type of banter that just comes across naturally with everyone in the group. its something that i do become mindful of when an individual or individuals who aren’t around us all that much are sometimes taken aback to what some of us say at times. does that make the criticism and observations that were made any more or less valid, correct, or retarded? again, depends on one’s perspective.

    the points brought up regarding corniness of subject matter, the usage and/or catchiness of the beat, and whether or not its a fad are all valid arguments and criticism (understand that i am not saying that their views, specifically, are correct but that their observations and agruments are valid). i also don’t believe these were voiced with malice or disdain (which is often behind most bashing efforts). it wasn’t done in the vein of say… myself when i talk about the Lord of the Ring franchise. i’ll bash that franchise all day regardless of the facts and whether my arguments are valid or not. i don’t believe that that is what happened here.

    my personal opinion on Nerdcore is really one of respect from a distance. i don’t profess to much about the genre but i do have a healthy respect for it much in the same way that i have a healthy respect for blues or jazz music. i don’t listen to blues or jazz that much, if at all, but i can recognize when i hear what my ears/brain interpret as good blues or jazz. same goes for Nerdcore, when i hear good Nerdcore music i respond to it and bob my head a bit…

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