Podcast 31 – Nerdcore Nights Intro

A few times over the years, we’ve interacted with the nerdcore community, but we never had a chance to do a proper broadcast, so Marcellus and I went down to the Ruby Room in San Diego to record a remote podcast. It was so fun, that we did two more afterwards. (The others will feature Megaran and Kirby’s Dream Band.) At some point (17 minutes in), Aubree of Tiny Nightmare Productions shows up. She gives us the lowdown on nerdcore history, her history in Southern California, and then we proceed give each other a hard time.

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Dr Awkward
El Gun Legro
Childish Gambino
MC Frontalot
Random aka Megaran (link to Forever Famicom Album w/ Galaxies)
DJ Cutman
Dez Thrill
The Broken Pixels
Eminem (Slim Shady) – Hellhound

Mr Benja.

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