Podcast 19 – It’s All A Game

Welcome to 2012. We’re back and ready for the year. If the world does end, we’ll be completely prepared. Raph and I start into a one-on-one podcast and start talking about the nebulous “Game” that we’re all playing. There’s discussion of family, depression, and the question about the game industry being able to make changes for a better future. Is it all a game? Is it all bullshit? We’re miles away from being sure, but we have fun talking about it.

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International Game Developer’s Association: Quality of Life
The Daily Show’s Video Game Dealers
How the Daily Show manipulated the TapFish creators for the TapFish skit.
A leftish discussion about Jon Stewart vs Fox News
CNN article on the Angry Black Man Syndrome
Custer’s Revenge – Somehow this game got made.

Mr Benja.

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13 Responses to “Podcast 19 – It’s All A Game”

  • The Flipsider says:

    its gonna be a good year indeed!

  • Cellus says:

    on unbalanced fighting games: There’s a problem when only 4 characters are viable in a cast of 38. Every character needs to have a fighting chance.

  • Santokes says:

    Atheists aren’t nihilists, they’re hedonists!

  • Art says:

    WOW, as a first time listener. The “life” things talked about, are the DUMBEST things I think I’ve heard in a long time.

    If you are an atheist, the world becomes a cold place?

    Life is its own reward. And discovering things about the universe is exciting and exploratory.

    • Mr Benja says:

      Hey, Art. Glad that you love life. You should. The point being made was that latching onto something that has been sold to you (spiritual, financial, social, or whatever) can be a detriment to your personal growth. I’ve experienced that, and I think a lot of people have.

    • Leonardo says:

      It’s just gonna get worse from here, Art. You should prolly just run away because the depths of the bottom of the barrel haven’t even BEGUN to get tapped into…. I know these guys, they’re fucking insane. Especially that jackass Raph, such a fucking cock

  • Tone Milazzo says:

    On the subject of bullshit- I’ve read two books that you may find somewhat relevant; A Guide to the Good Life; The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy or how to find happiness by not giving a fuck. And The Conspiracy Against the Human Race, one of the darkest philosophy books I’ve ever read but it makes a good test. If you read Conspiracy Against and can say “yeah, okay but so what” then there’s not much left that take chip away at your belief system.
    Great podcast, guys. See you later!

  • PixelRyan says:

    Great episode!
    So many topics covered, but of course I think all the characters should be balanced and have been down this road questioning the point of the game too.

  • J La says:

    Leave it to the old white man to hog the advantage on a technicality. He probably had the arcade owner to let him in early. lol

    As much as it’s very difficult (impossible?) to program fighting games to have a bunch of equally balanced characters, to expect a balance like that might be missing the point, since this perfect balance doesn’t exist in real life anyway. Maybe the deeper appreciation comes from experiencing the game through the viewpoint of each different character’s traits.

    …or maybe this is the philosophy of someone that’s bad at fighting games.

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