Podcast 19 – It’s All A Game

Welcome to 2012. We’re back and ready for the year. If the world does end, we’ll be completely prepared. Raph and I start into a one-on-one podcast and start talking about the nebulous “Game” that we’re all playing. There’s discussion of family, depression, and the question about the game industry being able to make changes for a better future. Is it all a game? Is it all bullshit? We’re miles away from being sure, but we have fun talking about it.

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International Game Developer’s Association: Quality of Life
The Daily Show’s Video Game Dealers
How the Daily Show manipulated the TapFish creators for the TapFish skit.
A leftish discussion about Jon Stewart vs Fox News
CNN article on the Angry Black Man Syndrome
Custer’s Revenge – Somehow this game got made.

Mr Benja.

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