Podcast 008 – Dickwolves (Bonus)

Didn’t expect to do a bonus podcast in reponse to the rape and censorship-centric Dickwolves post, but that’s what happened for this bit of bonus material for Podcast Number 008. Raph and I decided to talk it out after after a few forum comments got us started.

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Mr Benja.

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7 Responses to “Podcast 008 – Dickwolves (Bonus)”

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  • J says:

    Most people weren’t upset about the comic itself, but about the events that unfolded after. See the timeline on debacle.tumblr.com for the full breakdown.

  • B says:

    When the caller points out the pronoun “she” as being “the operative word”, that’s when I stopped listening. He complains about “censorship” but wants to silence women. We have every right to have an opinion as everybody else. And it’s not going to “die down” because we’re tired of being told to shut up every time we dare to express how we don’t like the way we’re being treated.

    What I find really upsetting about this was something that thefremen pointed out on their tumblr. When a group of male fans had a problem with something utterly insignificant on their strip, the makers of Penny Arcade immediately addressed their concerns in a much more mature way. I guess it’s not “censorship” if it’s other men who are criticizing your stuff. Funny how that works. http://thefremen.tumblr.com/post/3094943677/a-thing-which-happened-literally-irl-with-pa

    • Mr Benja says:

      Yeah, their responses definitely haven’t been the greatest. The t-shirt, which was a response in itself, was the one reply that caused me to get involved. The http://debacle.tumblr.com/ link you mention pretty much has the whole story listed. Thanks.

      • B says:

        I just want to say that I appreciate your response to this. Not just my comment, but in your podcasts as well. There have been men involved in this debate that seem to actually understand what it is that we’re angry about and are willing to listen and at least consider our point of view, even if they come out disagreeing with the end conclusion.

        It is extremely frustrating to feel like people aren’t even listening, and are twisting your arguments to make you seem ridiculous instead of conceding that you have a legitimate complaint. Or just straight-up attacking you for daring to have a complaint in the first place.

    • Raph says:

      Silence women? Hell no, if anything I wish more women would stand up for their rights in general. There are women in professional fields in the U.S. right now that have the same training as a man and get shafted on their yearly pay in comparison. Even in some religious circles, the fact that women STILL get blamed on some level for the for the ‘fall of man’ is completely barbaric thinking. So jumping to the conclusion that I would tell women to shut up every time they express themselves is so totally off base. They HAVE to complain about stuff because women are still not deemed as equal and the real travesty is that some women actually by into that self hatred.

      Had you listened to the rest of the podcast, I said that if the people that complained about the dickwolves comic really wanted to make a difference, they can start with trying to fix the fact that there are a staggering amount of daily sexual assualts that go in in this country. THAT is a real issue that deserves attention, not some comic about a cartoon asshat wolf.

      Also, the reason I said that ‘she’ was the operative word is because I would expect the 1st person to have a problem with any sort of comedy about rape would be a woman and had the comic featured a female character in it, every woman would have the right, if not obligation to raise holy hell and I myself would tell penny arcade to fuck off. However, because its specifically a male character being tortured by the wolf, women have no right to be offended. If anything, the whole male prison population has more to be offended about than anyone else <—joke

      Now, if you listened to the whole podcast and THEN decided to disagree with something i said, cool, but until then, don't assume you know my stances on womens rights

  • Trevor says:

    I want to see this podcast , very interesting.

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