Podcast 007 – Violent Libraries

Podcast Number 007 is here. This one started because we were talking about the First Amendment case concerning video game sales to minors. It was recorded before Congresswoman Gabby Giffords shooting in Tuscon, Arizona. So if you’re listening and begin to wonder why we’re not addressing it, it’s because it happened in the past. We have mastered time travel, but were unable to use it in this case. Anyway, listen to the podcast, leave a comment, and we promise we’ll write something in return.

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Mr Benja.

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8 Responses to “Podcast 007 – Violent Libraries”

  • The Flipsider says:

    where can i find me a Bob’s Buttfuck Games? i wanna buy some stuff there. lol!!!

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  • Mr Benja says:

    I actually ran into a store like that in Vista. It was basically a store run by a guy that would mod Xboxes and sell you pirated games. He’s gone now, but I wonder how many little shops like that exist?

  • Josh Lange says:

    If i were running the library, I would only let people play if they had a library card and didn’t have any outstanding fees. That way you’re putting a little pressure on kids to also use the library for its main function: reading new books. It’s legal to run these video game nights as long as no one’s underage, but as for the morality of it, it rubs me the wrong way. Pick another game for older kids to play that’s not as violent. Of course, it’s giving kids something to do that’s off the streets and away from drugs, so there’s merit as far as that goes.

  • Raphael says:

    great podcast as usual ; )

  • edgar says:

    Raphael has a point regarding games requiring a different criteria for evaluation. Maybe they do affect the brain in a different way than a movie does.

    The thing is, there have always been, and there will always be mentally unstable people in our society. Criminalizing the sale of games to X group of people does little to address what seems to be a problem of mental health. In all honesty I think there is little we can do to prevent a sick person from carrying out a terrorist act.

    I tend to view this as a phase we are going through as human beings. We will eventually learn what makes a few people more prone to be influenced by games, movies or books. But we, human beings are still very primitive. I’m willing to bet the eradication of violent video games alone would have little, or no effect on the number of violent acts perpetrated by sick people.

  • Mr Benja says:

    Speaking of which, this Congressman just came out with a proposal to put warning labels on games like they were cigarettes or something. Aside from making game sales spike, this just sounds wrong.

    Congressman Joe Baca Pushes For Warning Labels on Games:

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