Venice and Video Game Posters

Over the weekend, I rolled to Santa Monica with Josh to check out the Multiplayer video game poster show at the new Gallery 1988 Venice. We’ve been to the Melrose location before, so we wanted to check out what was happening at the new spot, and we weren’t disappointed.

Check out the entire picture set and see what you missed. For example, you probably missed the good time that people were having outside as well as inside. Although I was inside most of the time, there was a great vibe on the whole block. This is definitely a good location.

Kevin Tong in front of his Tetris Heart. Everyone kept stopping at this piece repeatedly. Maybe it’s because it’s one of the few pieces that you can hang in your house that features bare tetas and game references. No nipples, though, so maybe that was the attraction.

Art printer Danny Askar and artist/animator Josh Lange. I overheard them talking about some secret project, but it turns out I already knew the secret.

Rhys Cooper’s Rampage set had everyone stopping to check out the insanity in the image. After looking at it, I couldn’t remember the names of the three monsters because they no longer had that campy look. I went home and looked up the names, but I’ll leave that as an exercise for you.

Works by Jon Smith, Brandon Schaefer, Dave Perillo, and many others were there.

Nathan of the DKNG duo standing with Pac-Hero. Chicks dug this.

Dan of DKNG standing next to From Russia with Love.

Tom Whalen’s 1981 and Markku Metso’s Which Way To Dr. Wily?

Mike Mitchell’s Prince of Darkness got a lot of questions and looks too. Mike was the guy that created the bust image of Conan O’Brien for the I’m with Coco campaign. Cool guy, but I didn’t get a picture of him. If you were at the show, he was the thin, lumberjack-looking guy.

Roger Barr and Louis Fernet-Leclair’s Winter Holiday Pixel Print. The people that viewed this picture were pretty mesmerized by the crazy details of things and references in this scene.

Jensen is the mastermind behind it all. You can blame him for this. He always puts on a good show.

Check out all the art prints at Gallery 1988.

Mr Benja.

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