Mega Man Lego Collection: The Bosses by Raphael Phillips

After we dropped the Mega Man Lego Collection, people started wondering, “What about the bosses?” Well look no further, because Raph has made his 3D magic happen for Mega Man once again.

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Mr Benja: Hey, Raph. What’s going on?

Raphael Phillips : Not much man, just working on some art, as always.

Before I get to the questions, tell the readers what it is that you do.

Well, I’m a 3d character artist that has worked on a few video games here and there over the past 5 years. I got a bit tired of the dumbness of the industry and took a break to regain a sense of self, or at least I tell myself that, hahaha.

Alright. After we released the first set of Mega Man Lego characters that you did earlier, you got a pretty good reaction from them. Have you been surprised by the reaction?

Yes, actually I was surprised. I’ve done far more complex models character models in the past, yet something so simple, something done on whim gets worldwide attention overnight (albeit it’s only internet worldwide attention; not like I’m signing autographs and stuff, hahaha). It almost made me angry though, but I decided to accept it and learn the valuable lesson there anyways. : ) The lesson being, appeal to more than one demographic and do it with heart. Some people may laugh, but that’s the reason why things from Hello Kitty to the Nintendo Wii have enjoyed such great success.

I agree. Now these characters are much simpler than characters you usually create. What are some of the difficulties in developing characters with fewer details?

The difficulty with simple is that you have a limited palette in which to convey the feeling of something. It’s incredibly obvious and amateur to burden down any form of art with too much detail. Trust me, I know from experience. BUT, it’s hard to make simple feel right. The major difference to me is that with detailed work, the hardest part is finishing while with simple work, the hardest part is starting. It almost feels that in order to be the total artist, you have to master both techniques.

So what can we expect from you in the future?

In the future? Shit, I dunno man. I mean, I have an epic thought-out plan on how I’d like to continue to drop artwork throughout the rest of this year, but if this set is received better than the 1st one, I’d be dumb not to go with the winning strategy. But yeah, you’ll see the art when I’m ready to show y’all : )

Final question. Aside from Mega Man, what games do you really respect for their art and style?

Well, just because I’m playing it at the moment, Castlevania Lord of Shadows. Easily some of the best art direction I’ve ever experienced in a game. It’s easy to recreate the wild west or New York or some major city, but to pull from mythology, from other games, from movies, and even composers and still make it feel fresh is fucking incredible. Some other games would be: Shadow of the Colossus, Killer 7, Dead Space, Final Fantasy 7, Katamari Damacy, Zone of the Enders 2, Persona series, ALL Capcom fighters and ALL SNK fighters, and oh yea, and Mega Man : )

Sounds good. Anything else you want to tell us?

Thanks for showing this art some love, I really appreciate it!

No problem. I think that 8 Bit is more than some pixelated, retro throwback. I think we both understand that pretty well. Thanks for your time.

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