The FWC Katamari Art Show Probably Started As A Dare

I came across a Katamari / Noby Noby themed art show, and with many art show concepts, I asked,  “Why would anyone in their right mind do something this?” And then I remember that these are artsy types we’re dealing with. Logic is not a factor. There might have been drinking, disco lights, and truth or dare involved, but I wasn’t there, so I don’t know. Since the game happens to be a favorite of the hosts at Floating World Comics, there’s a slim chance that it might just be fan service.  They’re good people, so if you’re up in the Portland area on September 2nd you should check it out.

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The artists featured above are Ana Galvan, Angie Wang, Chris Kuzma, Kim RobertsEdward Kwong, and Kinoko Powfox

Check out a full preview of all images and learn more about the artists at Game Set Watch.


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