Hello world!

Welcome to our new gaming portal, PTO Gaming! Here we’ll discuss about any topic a true gamer will be interested; Consoles, Mobile gaming, PC freaks & any other similar thread.

There will be separated sections for each type. Like PlayStation fanatics will have their own sub-forum where only SONY console topics will be discussed. PC gamers will have their own, iPhone their own etc.

We will have computing section as well for anyone interested in upgrading their machines with hardware parts like CPU, GPU, motherboard and other ones. Upgrading software and operating systems as well and tutorials for same. Some prefer Windows, some Mac…

– At this time we’re upgrading our site platform to a latest modern version so please we ask you to stay patient until new catchy one gets installed fully. You will enjoy it, trust me!

For now please grab some good addictive game for your preferable platform and kill time smashing it. We recommend some good RPG to get lost in fantasy world.

See you very soon!
8bitcubist Team